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A trip to Erindiroukambe (our research site) was scheduled for the weekend of the 16-18th October. The team which consisted of Gereon Koch Kapuire (team leader), Michael Chamunorwa (honors student) and Donovan Maasz (honors student) who departed for Erindiroukambe late on Friday evening. The two students spent the major part of the journey implementing final touches to the prototypes they wished to test. Arriving early Saturday morning, there was not much time to rest, after a short nap and some breakfast, the team set about planning the day's schedule. They all agreed that three sessions would be held with willing community members. 


The team of Gereon Koch Kapuire with two honors students Michael Chamunorwa and Donovan Maasz made a visit to Erindiroukambe (our research site) during the weekend of 31st July – 2nd August 2015. The purpose of this trip was to hold community co-design sessions with community members to obtain information which the two students wanted to utilize in further expanding some open topics within the IKS project.

The student's topics were as follows:
1. Michael: Effective visual hints in a 3D virtual environment for an indigenous community.
2. Donovan: Designing 3D Representations of Flora and the 24 Hour Clock Cycle in rural Namibia


In November 2014, lecturer and facilitator Gereon Koch Kapuire (Namibia University of Science and Technology) and PhD candidate Daniel G. Cabrero (University of West London and current exchange-researcher at Namibia University of Science and Technology) revisited a group of elders and one youngster in Erindiroukambe.

The aim of this visit was to suggest the participants to freely recount the differences between an elder and a younger as prompted narratives. Here also, we were searching for third-party descriptions rather than referring to the person herself, as this did not work with this ovaHerero community, who ended up stereotyping themselves.


Looking for Personas in Erindiroukambe

Posted on October 21st, 2014 in Erindiroukambe

As technologists and computer scientists we are always triggered to explore new ideas with our community members. The local research team from the Polytechnic of Namibia, Gereon Koch Kapuire, Colin Stanley and Heike Winschiers-Theophilus welcomed a new idea by Daniel G. Cabrero from the University of West London to explore personas. In October 2014, the local research team accompanied by Kasper Rodil from Aalborg University and Daniel visited Erindiroukambe. Colin and Daniel currently engaged with their PhDs set the agenda for the sessions. Upon arrival to the site, Gereon introduced Daniel to the elders. It was the first time for Daniel to visit the research site. The elders welcomed the research team and eagerly proclaimed their availability. 


Never in a million years would the folks from the village of Erindiroukambe in the Omaheke Region, Eastern side of Namibia, have imagined that they would be able to use devices such as tablet computers to assist them in every day practices such as that of storytelling as a method not only of preserving indigenous knowledge, but also as a method of sharing knowledge across the barriers of understanding any one particular language.

Generally, storytelling was something which was enjoyed in the evening with the family huddled around together at the fire as they shared a few cups of tea and with the elders in the community orally doing their part in tale-telling and dispersing each day’s adventurous events.