AfriCHI Workshop 10: Perspectives on Safeguarding Indigenous Knowledge and Intangible Cultural Heritage

Posted on September 21st, 2018 in Conference Workshop by Colin

Position statements:

Participants will be selected and accepted based on a position statement submitted, due 30 September 2018 to Peter Gallert email: pgallert [at] nust [dot] na or to Colin Stanley email: cstanley [at] nust [dot] na. The acceptance notification will be sent on 3 October 2018. The position statement can be submitted on paper, or an audio file, or a video clip. It should consist of three sections, each about 300 words (or 5 spoken minutes) long. 

The first section should cover the biography and background of the participant. This includes their current engagement in the field of IK and ICH safeguarding. Alternatively, a motivation should be provided in a case where the applicant has not been engaged with rural communities or in the safeguarding of IK or ICH but would like to participate in the workshop. The second section is for the participant to show contentious issues they have experienced. The issues should be around practices and involvement the participant had with rural communities. Alternatively, issues identified in the literature should be expanded upon. The third section is for the participant to position themselves in relation to the issues or general approach to the digital safeguarding of IK and ICH.

The organizers will choose a maximum of 10 participants based on their submissions, and in particular how they position their
involvement with communities and their academic view on the topic at hand.