Evaluation of factors motivating participation on crowdsourcing platforms

By Dolian Pelagia ( Honors completed 2015)

Principal Supervisor : Mr. Colin Stanley, Namibia University of Science and Technology

Crowdsourcing platforms have been around for quite a while now, and a lot of study has been done on motivation of users to participate on these platforms. Prior research on this topic suggests that an individual is likely to participate for monetary reward. We evaluated existing literature on this topic to see how dominant the need to make money is on most of the platform. More than six literatures were reviewed. Results shows that the desire to make money was there and it usually is the most dominant of all factors, but developing creative skills and gain peer recognition were also amongst the strongest motivators. This preliminary result shows that other motivational factors other than monetary reward are also important incentives that motivate participants to contribute to crowdsourcing platforms. It is on this background that this research investigates on finding out other non-monetary rewards that would be affordable for a rural community crowdsourcing platform in Namibia.

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