Home Stead Creator (HSC)

The HomeSteadCreator (HSC) is a prototype which has been developed iteratively with a Herero community in Namibia. The original goal was to enable community members to digitally recreate their physical context to later embed locally recorded IK video, audio or physically tagged places. The videos comprise of recordings of local practices, customs and rituals. At the core of the HSC is the ideas of adding information about the context by having community elders reconstruct scenes of any IK recording as a 3D scene. The rationale is that video recordings in general only show one perspective of the scene, thus missing information which is crucial for an optimal local knowledge collection. Some of these missing details can be generated by using a game engine. For instance by adding weather systems, allow elders to share stories that are not recorded, adding animations to virtual characters portraying local practices etc. The HSC is envisioned as a tool where local elders can record IK and recreate the digital context for themselves. The cardinal point is that they can record/manage their own IK locally without assistance. Naturally, they have been doing so for centuries, but the reason for the tool is to transfer parts of this body of IK to youths from the community and region that are unable to assimilate the IK due to being de-situated at remote schools, and to preserve some of the IK for the future in digital format.