Using ontology to capture web based shared IK

By Jessie Himunyanga ( Honors completed 2015)

Principal Supervisor : Mr. Colin Stanley, Namibia University of Science and Technology

Researchers have embarked on the study of preserving Indigenous Knowledge (IK) and this has become a great interest but despite successful studies, IK remains beneficial only to one specific community. IK has an enormous amount of useful information to a nation as a whole, but is presented in a way understood only by the community it is specific to. Embarking on a journey of preserving IK will continue to benefit communities in their individual aspects. Nevertheless providing a technique in which IK can be transformed into knowledge beneficial to all communities, ontology is one such technique. Ontology is defined as shared concepts of a specific domain e.g. IK. Ontology will capture shared understandings within different aspects of the IK. Passing this knowledge on from generation to generation will come with an approach that does not dissect one person from the other. The research will advance mostly through community based co-design from different cultures sharing knowledge and ontologies will be developed henceforth. To ensure that the derived ontologies are acceptable it will be presented to the elders from participating tribes.

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