A Digital Indigenous Knowledge Preservation Framework: The 7C Model—Repositioning IK Holders in the Digitization of IK


By Donovan Maasz

Principal Supervisor: Heike Winschiers-Theophilus
Associate Supervisor: Colin Stanley

Indigenous Knowledge (IK) preservation and management has been taken up as a serious endeavor by various governments who have realized the value of IK as well as the opportunities given by emerging technologies. Considering the various phases and activities of indigenous knowledge management which need to be supported through adequate designs and technologies, we propose an integrative framework: the7C model. The aim is to guide design and implementation efforts as well as to identify and rectify any possible gaps in current implementation plans. The model comprises seven major phases within the indigenous knowledge digitization process, namely, co-design, conceptualization, collection, correction,curation, circulation, and creation of knowledge. We exemplify the application of the model with technologies currently developed under an indigenous knowledge holder’s toolkit promoting the agency of digitalizing indigenous knowledge across the phases.

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