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Community co-design sessions at Erindiroukambe to expand on open topics
The team of Gereon Koch Kapuire with two honors students Michael Chamunorwa and Donovan Maasz made a visit to Erindirouk
Funded by Carl Schlettwein Foundation.

Over the years, a large amount of data on the Ovahimba commu

Refining crowdsourced requirements
On July 20 a five man team consisting of two lecturers Mr Gereon Koch Kapuire and Mr Colin Stanley, Professor Jesse V. Johnson and two undergraduate students Juliuson T. Amakali and Albertus P. Coetzee all from Namibia University
Bridging the Gaps in the HCI and UX World
During the 13th to the 15th of April 2016, Gereon Koch Kapuire attended a conference to engage with professionals, entre
Being Human
On the 7th till 10th of December 2015, Gereon Koch Kapuire attended the 27th Australian Conference in Human-Computer Int
3D Modeling co-design sessions at Erindiroukambe

A trip to Erindiroukambe (our research site) was scheduled for the weekend of the 16-18th October.

User-Created Personas in Otjise as a Collective Effort
In October 2015 two ovaHimba male elders and four youngsters took part of this session held in Otjise, a village in the
Looking for User-Created Personas with ovaHimba in Otjise and in Ohandungu

In March 2015, lecturer and facilitator Gereon Koch Kapuire (Namibia University of Science and Technology), PhD can

Finding User-Created Personas through Storytelling ovaHerero tradition: Archetypical representations of a Bride and a Groom in Okomakuara
In March 2015, and scaffolding from both, a first trip towards Persona Co-Design undertaken in October 2014 and the lear
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